Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frozen Pipes

It has been said "Your wife is always correct" ( I think my wife said that). We were laying in bed and Wendy said "It is going to be cold tonight should you leave the water dripping?" Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed so we went to sleep without the water dripping. That night it got down into the teens and our water pipes froze. Over the next 12 days the temperature did not get above freezing during the day or night.

We hauled water in five gallon buckets every day.... You don't know how much you appreciate water until you don't have it. We would have done anything to get water back.

I bought an inferno torch and burnt as much of the water lines as I could between the house and the water meter but it is impossible to find a frozen spot with 1600 feet of pipes. I would burn the grass and dirt as the kids stomped out the grass fires.

Luckily on day 12 we woke up to a yard full of water and we found the broken pipes. Now we leave our pipes dripping every night.

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  1. in ala always leave the water dripping!!! luv Lorie!!!