Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving the Chickens a hair cut

Our chickens have learned to fly. At first we thought it was cool. They would fly out of the pen and scratch around the woods. The dogs seemed ok with it and it was not unusual to see the dogs asleep with a rooster sitting next to them.

There must have been some type of falling out between the dogs and chickens because one of the dogs decided to start killing the chickens. We lost one a day for a few days. The only solution we could come up with was clipping the chickens wings so they would not fly out. Like any good techno family we searched you tube for videos that showed how to clip the wings. After a few reviews I went out with the kids and some scissors. It turned out that the hardest part was catching the chickens. All you do is clip one side up to the shorter feathers and you now have chickens that can jump but not fly.

You would be amazed at the looks you get when people ask you what you did this weekend and you reply we gave the chickens a hair cut.

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