Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rivera Maya

Wendy and I decided to take our first adult only vacation in a few years. It was our 15th Anniversary. Wendy had dropped lots of subtle hints like "You better take me somewhere for our anniversary if you want to see 16". I "surprised" her by planning a trip to Mexico. I did get some help planning from West Georgia Travel:) They set us up with a nice stay at the El Dorado.

We had the best trip! We went to the Mayan Ruins, cliff diving into the sink holes and snorkeling. Wendy kept insisting that she was seeing a giant fish while snorkeling. I could hear her hyperventilate when she would see something. On the third day I finally saw her imagined fish and it was a 5 foot barracuda. She made sure I said she was right.

I know it sounds selfish but i think every couple needs to get away every now and then and forget about work, kids, and everything else. We were able to spend time with just each other. You almost forget what it is like to not have your life revolve around others. We would simply lay on the beach and wait on someone to bring us food and drinks every day. What a life!
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