Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy as a Bee

We are back blogging again. Since the last post we have moved. We kept the farm and visit every week. My newest adventure is raising bees. I ordered my first hive from Rossman Apiaries. I didn't realize they came in so many parts. It took about two days of nailing and gluing but I got them together. It was actually good for the boys to help. It got them involved and curious about the bees.

I thought I would go ahead and plow up a spot to put the hive and plant white clover all around the bees. I picked up two pounds of clover seed from Southern States. I was amazed that clover produces its own fertilizer due to a bacteria that lives in its roots. You can't just plant seeds. You have to put out seeds that are coated with the bacteria.

We decided to paint the hive white to keep them cool. We plan to put the bees in the hive Friday. We will have the camera rolling! I hope it goes well.

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